Dragon Ball Manga

This manga series was illustraded and written by the famous Mangaka artist Akira Toriyam. This manga is the corner stone or center peice to the future expansions of the story dragon ball z, and dragon ball gt.

Dragon Ball manga was produced and made into an anime that increased its popularity and created a masterful cast of characters brought to life for many fans to enjoy globally. The Dragon Ball manga itself was written into a 42 volume series, which can be viewed on this website.

The Plot

Simple, monkey-tailed Saiyan boy from outer-space Son Goku goes on a life-long adventure beginning with a quest for the seven titular Dragon Balls, befriends many different martial artists and faces various villains, goes through many rigorous martial arts training regiments and educational programs, defeats a series of increasingly powerful martial artists, dies and comes back to life several times, and becomes the top martial arts superhero in the Dragon Ball universe.


A unifing component of the plot accompanying the Son Goku's progression as a martial artist is his search for the eponymous Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls themselves are seven magical orbs which are scattered across the world. When assembled, they can be used to summon Shenlong, the dragon who will grant one wish within its limit.
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After the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are scattered again across the world and become inert for one year. In times past, it would take generations to search the world and gather the Dragon Balls. In the beginning of the story, however, a 16 year old genius girl named Bulma has created a "Dragon Radar" to detect the Dragon Balls and made the process far easier than it was originally intended to be.

The story of Dragon Ball unfolded gradually over 11 years of publication. During those years, the tone and the style of the stories gradually changed to reflect the tastes of the readers and the editors of Japanese Shonen Jump. The early volumes of the manga (chapters 1-134) are primarily humorous fantasy stories, but containing some minor sci-fi elements, much like Dr. Slump. Notable fantasy elements include not only the monkey boy Son Goku and the Dragon Balls themselves, but also many talking animal characters, unlikely martial art techniques, and characters identified as gods and demons. Despite the fantasy elements, the world does contain highly advanced technology including hoi-poi capsules, space-saving capsules which are pocket sized but can store almost any object, including cars, planes, houses, and other "near future" objects. The overall mood of the earlier volumes is light with few deaths and an emphasis on adventure and humor.